voor inwoners, met gemeenten

Youth health care

All children in the Netherlands are entitled to youth health care. For children in the ‘Gooi en Vechtstreek’ region, this is carried out by Jeugd en Gezin. We offer support in growing up and parenting to children who live or go to school in Blaricum, Gooise Meren, Hilversum, Huizen, Laren en Wijdemeren. It is your choice if you wish to use this service or not.

Regular appointments

Youth health care starts in pregnancy and continues until the age of 18. During this period, your child is regularly invited for an appointment. The doctor or nurse examines the growth and development of your child and you can ask them all your questions about raising children, growing up and health. You can find an overview of the contact moments via this link (in Dutch).

Contact us

If you have any questions in the meantime, you can alway contact us. For example with questions about baby food, your toddler’s development or how to deal with puberty. Call (035) 692 63 50 or send an email to jeugd@ggdgv.nl.

Vaccination program

Your child can be vaccinated (free of charge) for a number of diseases. This is done according to the national vaccination program. The diseases include measles, whooping cough and meningococcal disease. More information is available on www.rijksvaccinatieprogramma.nl/english.

Parenting information

Tip! Handy (English) information about parenting can be found on the website www.raisingchildren.net.au. The information on this Austrailian parenting website is subdivided by age and by request for help. If you like, you can also discuss these questions with our parenting coaches.

Parents’ portal

In the parents’ portal you can see the growth curves of your child, the vaccinations and the next appointment(s). Go to www.MijnJeugdenGezin.nl (in Dutch) and log in using your DigiD.

Your data is safe

Our professionals are subject to confidentiality. This means that we do’nt discuss anything with others. We only share information with other organisations with your permission. You can read more information in our privacy statement (in Dutch).